Executive Decisions on the Daily

A lot has happened over the past few months. In March 2019, my eldest daughter was officially diagnosed with Autism, in addition to the already diagnosed ADHD. This diagnosis did not come as a surprise to me, but I was relieved when the psychologist spoke the words that confirmed my suspicions.
Autism was the missing piece to a multi-generational puzzle.

One of the struggles autistic people & people with ADHD deal with on a regular basis is executive dysfunction. I spent a lot of my life disappointed with myself for not being able to do simple tasks, yet I excelled in other areas of life, particularly in things I found interesting. A lot of neurodiverse people experience Executive Dysfunction on a daily basis. For example, I went back to school in September 2019 for an entrepreneur focused business program. I finished my first term with a 4.2 GPA (90th-100th percentile), but I endured the entire term without a backpack, and finally clued in that certain tools would help with day-to-day tasks, like a bag for those books I would lug in on the daily.

When you have an executive function deficit, you can accomplish many great achievements and still feel like a failure at life, because executive function is day-to-day, and achievements are fleeting.

Check out CHADD’s article to better understand what we mean by the term Executive Function, especially with regards to the neurodiverse brain.

The necessary step to making radical change in life is firstly acknowledging there is a problem or situation that needs addressing, and secondly making small changes a big priority.

While I am learning more about my brain, and how to use it to the best of its abilities, I realize I need to hone in on basic “adulting” skills. I need an adultier adult to teach me the ways. I turn 30 this year and feel as ill-equipped for life as my 18 year old classmates #thestruggleisreal

So, if you have some tips, please share so I can not be such a hot mess all the time ❤

Happy Easter from me and my mini tornadoes ❤

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